How do you spend Christmas

Yeah – you either love it or hate it don't you? Is it really the marmite of holidays?

I think if you ask anyone who says they hate it, most people mean they hate the run up to it (inevitably complaining that it starts earlier and earlier) but do – albeit grudgingly – like (tolerate!) the day itself.

Each to their own.

Me? I love it! I love it all! The tinsel, the tat (although with a shiver at anything that looks unsustinable and sweat factory produced), the carols, the same old Christmas compilation in every shop. The secret santa, the actual santa. The buying, the wrapping, the giving, the getting. The Christmas boxes through Operation Christmas Child, which is a major part of our present giving.

And I love the new visitor we get every year now – a Christmas elf who arrives on 1 December and bears Christmas pyjamas and an advent calendar. And the Christmas Eve box with hot choccie, mugs, marshmellows. I love Christmas Eve mass. I love Christmas day.

I love the routines we have, which are a combination of my childhood, DH's childhood, and new stuff we've made up ourselves that will come together into one package of Christmas for our son – and will some day be passed onto his own children, mixed up with his partner's.

I love hearing about people's routines. So I'm going to posting more about my own Christmas Day soon. Let me know about your Christmas Day.

The best ones will make them into the new book I'm writing – about how you spend your Christmas Day…and the rituals, recipes and routines that make it your own!


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One Response to How do you spend Christmas

  1. A. Sparkle says:

    I. Love. Christmas. And like you said, I love the lead up as well. I always go home for Christmas and make my parents put up a real tree! None of that fake stuff. Lol. Dad begrudgingly puts the lights on while Mom and I put on the same Christmas music we always listen to and hang the ornaments. Then later it’s pajama time and we watch sappy Christmas movies and bake homemade cookies! Then on Christmas day I wait until they’ve opened up their gifts and then I open mine. I never thought giving would be more fun than receiving, but as I’ve gotten older it has turned out to be that way. I love being with my family and just the whole experience of Christmas! :-)

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