Yes we live on a boat!

Looking back I've always had a connection with the Thames. That might sound weird coming from a Northener who only moved (somewhat recklessly really!) to the Big Smoke after graduating from Dreaming Spires, in search of fame, fortune and streets paved with gold.

My first memory of the Thames is a school trip when I was aged 10. We ditched the usual end of year trip to Alton Towers, and instead our headmistress rather daringly decided to take the whole school to London for the day. Trust me – this was a big deal!

One of the high points was a boat trip down the river to Greenwich. We ate our packed lunches on the boat and I remember the headmistress glaring at my lovingly packed salad and a pink blancmange in the shape of a rabbit which had miraculously survived the journey intact.

“Why couldn't your mother make you sandwiches like everyone else?” she hissed at me.

(We've never really done anything like anyone else..!)

But I didn't mind because I was transfixed by the water beneath us and the landmarks we passed. And I vowed that one day I would come back to live in this amazing city.

Well I did. And okay, I haven't really made the miraculous fame and fortune success of my life that I'd planned. By which I mean that I never did became a West End actress or a famous tv presenter (although I have had my many 15 minutes of tv fame, in my past existence as a journalist – but that's a different story!)

But I do have something much better and undreamt of back then: my wonderful, wonderful, son, with whom I am besotted (as us mothers tend to be, hopefully). And that is the big success story of my London life.

Now I have the new adventure of bringing up a family in London and discovering this amazing city anew, through my son's eyes. Right now, that means literally living on top of the Thames, as we enjoy our brand new adventure of living on a houseboat on top of the river that drew me here in the first place.

And while this may be a static houseboat, it will still take us on a journey to adventures anew.

What's your connection to the river? What do you think of water? Or what drew you to where you live now?



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4 Responses to Yes we live on a boat!

  1. hencorner says:

    Mmmm, fab post!
    I spent much of my childhood on boats sailing in and out of Canvey Island to discover both the British coastline and lands across the seas. France, Belguim and Holland were the favourite family holidays…
    Now I’ve crossed our capital city from East to West and am bringing up my own family in Brentford (Upon Thames!). I truely believe this is one of the best places to live; halfway between Heathrow and Harrods, on the river and canals, with many formal houses and gardens to explore nearby fostering fairytales of princesses and knights in shining armour.
    My honeybees seem to like it here too; with local parks and gardens to forage in, they take their pick from Syon, Osterley, and Kew. Last year their honey won First Prize for London at The National Honey Show!
    It’s good to appreciate all that you have, don’t take it for granted now…

    Sara Ward

    • chiswickmum says:

      Thanks for such a lovely comment Sara…your childhood sounds wildly romantic and adventurous.

      Congrats on the honey – I’m dying to see your place. It sounds amazing. I need to check out some of your workshops,,,

  2. Must take some discipline, living in a space like that. How do you do it?

    • chiswickmum says:

      We are still learning! And it’s a very astute question. We still have way too much stuff than we should for the amount of space we have. And we are still far from as tidy as we should be! We’ve easily adapted to the small space though and actually feel more spacious than when we were in a one bed flat. Even though we have less square feet we have more defined spaces. The big saviour has been the beauty of the outside view. In summer it was like having a whole extra wing! In winter the cold has been the biggest thing to adjust to and we are still trying to manage that….thanks for reading my blog and taking the time to comment :-)

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